Promote to non-beta has been updated to run as a Docker service stack rather than via docker-compose. This change allowed an OCurrent pipeline to monitor the Docker repository and update the image via docker service update when a new version is available.

We have several other services updated via OCurrent:

In OCurrent, we can create a schedule node that triggers every seven days and invokes a docker pull, yielding the current image SHA. If this has changed, run docker service update with the new image.

  let peertube =
     let weekly = Current_cache.Schedule.v ~valid_for:(Duration.of_day 7) () in
     let image = Cluster.Watch_docker.pull ~schedule:weekly "chocobozzz/peertube:production-bullseye" in
     Cluster.Watch_docker.service ~name:"infra_peertube" ~image ()

The deployment is achieved through an Ansible Playbook. Further details are available here.

The second part of the update was to improve the visibility of the backups for As noted previously, these use Tarsnap running monthly via CRON.

For this, a new plugin was added to OCurrent called ocurrent_ssh. This plugin allows arbitrary SSH commands to be executed as part of an OCurrent pipeline.

Again using a schedule node, the node will be triggered on a 30-day schedule, and the logs for each run will be available on

  let monthly = Current_cache.Schedule.v ~valid_for:(Duration.of_day 30) () in
   let tarsnap = ~schedule:monthly "" ~key:"tarsnap" (Current.return ["./"])