Updated Linux Distros and OCaml versions

New Ubuntu 23.04 and Fedora 38 distributions have been added to docker base image builder. Following their respective releases:

  • Ubuntu 23.04 was released 20 April 2023
  • Fedora 38 was released 18 April 2023 These images started building from Apr 25th 2023 and have been pushed to https://hub.docker.com/r/ocaml/opam with a full range of OCaml versions and variants. As always the status of the images can be viewed on images.ci.ocaml.org.

Alongside the Linux updates base images containing OCaml 5.1 have also been published for supported Linux platforms. Following the OCaml 5.1 Alpha release announcement on discuss.ocaml.org. Enjoy and please report any issues on ocurrent/docker-base-images/issues.